Mouthguards – Off the shelf VS. Dentist fitted

With over 5 million teeth being knocked out each year, mouthguards are a necessity for all contact sports players. The selection process for a sports mouthguard should include an evaluation of the differences between custom fitted guards and off-the-shelf varieties.

What are custom-fitted mouthguards?

Mouthguards are a removable shield that is worn over your teeth to protect the teeth and jaws from injury during sporting activities. Custom-fitted guards are made by dentists so that they fit precisely within the mouth of the wearer.

Why custom-fitted mouthguards are recommended

There are several compelling reasons why custom-fitted mouthguards are the recommended choice:

Why off-the-shelf guards are the lesser option

Off-the-shelf mouthguards pale in comparison to their custom-fitted counterparts because:

The benefits of custom-fitted mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide sports players with optimal protection for teeth. Their tailored fit to an athlete’s mouth means that they’re not an encumbrance to the player. Custom-fitted mouthguards can also benefit coaches, team managers and sponsors as they minimise risk to sports players for whom they are responsible.