The Dream Team

Support for patients and the practice

Afeefah – Oral Health Therapist

Afeefah is the friendly face that will take care of all your oral hygiene needs here at AGD! With her great customer service skills and bright smile, Afeefah is ready to make your teeth nice and sparkly with a fantastic clean and ZOOM Whitening, along with educating patients on all things oral health. Before becoming our OHT, Afeefah previously worked here as a Dental Assistant/Clinic Coordinator so you might have already seen her around!

When Afeefah’s not at Avant Garde Dentist, she loves spending time with her friends and family at the beach or her favourite restaurants. Afeefah is here to help put you at ease when visiting the Dentist.

Aline – Clinical Director

Aline joined the team in 2018 and has become an invaluable member of the practice. She made the exciting move from Brazil 6 years ago, where she had been practicing as an Orthodontist for the past 10 years.

Aline is incredibly passionate about dentistry and is currently working towards her Australia Dental Board exams. Staying active is essential to her, and on her days off you can find her either training Crossfit or at the beach embracing the coastal lifestyle that Australia offers.

This incredible woman has already made a considerable contribution to the practice, and her genuine care for people creates an environment where patients feel comfortable and welcomed.

Carol – Clinical Coordinator

Carol is compassionate and experienced registered nurse from Brazil, and has been working at our practice for nearly two years. Her caring nature extends beyond the professional setting as she is always ready to help and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

When Carol is not busy at work, she can be found hanging out with her friends, exploring new destinations to travel, and savoring the joys of trying different cuisines. Her adventurous spirit extends to finding joy on the dance floor.

Fernanda – Dental Assistant

Fernanda is our friendly dental assistant from Brazil, where she is a fully registered veterinarian surgeon! She brings you a warm welcome when visiting the practice and is here to ensure all appointments run smoothly!

When she’s not a AGD or saving animals lives, Fernanda is usually crushing it at CrossFit competitions and travelling the world with her loved ones.

Bollinger Snow – AKA Bolly

Little Bolly is Dr Kimberly Ivetts child. Bolly lives a life of leisure and loves naps and cuddles! He might be quiet but when he hears Kim’s high heels walking out of the treatment room to the front desk, he’ll be sure to come and say hello.

Bolly is loved by patients and makes them feel at ease with his little tricks if they are lucky to see them! He’s really well trained and knows where he can and can’t go without having to ask.

When Bolly isn’t visible, he’s usually sleeping in his bed at home or Kim’s office so be sure to ask if he’s around!