Dental Technology

At Avant Garde Dental, in order to deliver the highest standard of dental care we put a big focus on having the most advance dental technology & equipment.

It also means that we can offer a wide range of services in house & cut down our patient’s wait time when it comes to things like 3D x-rays & same day crowns.

Our technologies include:

  • CBCT 3D X-ray Machine
  • Trios 3 Intraoral 3D scanner
  • Cerec Machine
  • Gemini Laser
CBCT (3D cone beam computed tomography)

Our state of the art CBCT machine allows our dentists to take an instant 3D X-ray of your jaw with great detail, at the press of a button. We can use this X-ray for bigger surgeries like implants, but also if a patient is needing a wisdom tooth extraction for example.

The X-ray is so detailed we can evaluate bone structure, nerve pathways & surrounding soft tissues.

Trios 3 Intraoral 3D Scanner

Our Trios machine is used for many appointments, including veneers, Invisalign & creating smile makeovers. The Intraoral scanner very impressively scans your teeth to create a coloured 3D model on the screen right in front of your eyes!

Instead of carrying out the lengthy process of taking impressions, we can instantly have a 3D model of your teeth. Since this is a very advanced form of digital scanning, it is very accurate. Meaning, you can be assured your smile makeover will be completed to the highest standard.

Cerec Machine

Our Cerec machine, like the Trios is able to take instant 3D scans of your teeth. We use this for more tooth specific treatments, such as single crowns.

Our scanner is linked to our milling machine, which can make your crown the same day. In fact, within just a few hours you can have your new tooth! After taking your Cerec scan, the software can replicate the exact colour & shape of your tooth to create the most tailored & natural crowns.

Gemini Laser

The Gemini Laser is the perfect addition to complete treatments like veneers & Invisalign. But also when a patient is needing a gum lift. The laser can help to improve aesthetics by using a light laser to adjust the gum height at the root of your tooth.

It’s an non-abrasive, non-ablative treatment that works without harming the surface of your skin/gum tissue and can improve collagen production in the area it’s used on.

With it’s touch screen features, you’ll agree it’s quite impressive!