Dr Andres Felipe Aguirre Osorio

Senior Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Andres Felipe Aguirre Osorio

Dr Aguirre is our Senior Cosmetic Dentist at Avant Garde Dentist.

He has both extensive surgical and cosmetic dentistry experience, giving him the ability to assess and manage all aspects of your dental needs.

Dr Aguirre is dedicated to assisting even the most apprehensive patients to ensure they are comfortable and at ease during their surgeries. Dr Aguirre demonstrates clinical excellence across the most advanced dental procedures with an emphasis on crowns and implants.

His primary interest in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry is in Porcelain Veneers and smile makeovers to which he has extensive knowledge and expertise.

Dr Aguirre is dedicated to his patients in creating a smile they’ll love and goes above and beyond to make this happen.