Emergency Dental Care

A toothache, broken tooth or any oral irritation is a very unpleasant and inconvenient experience. Dr Kimberly Ivett will endeavor to provide emergency dental care on the same day they call. The earlier patients call in the day the better chance they will have of getting an appointment. Often toothaches flare up during the night so please use our online booking facilities to secure our next available appointment.

Our priority is to get patients out of pain and provide them with treatment options to resolve the area of concern. We believe it’s important that patients are aware of all the treatment options available to them and Dr Kimberly Ivett will provide all costs prior to commencing treatment.

Emergency dental services include root canal treatment, tooth extraction, repairing broken or lost fillings, repairing broken teeth, re-cementing veneers and crowns, treating gum infections, assessing swelling/suspicious sores or lesions, anything within the mouth that patients are concerned about.

If the patient has received trauma to their mouth from a knock or fall, it is advised they make a dental appointment as soon as possible. If a tooth is knocked out, seek dental assistance immediately and bring the tooth.

Emergency dental treatment is often an unexpected expense which is why Sydney Boutique Dentistry have a payment plan option with zipMoney.

Please call (02) 9699 5199 during office hours if you can’t find your preferred emergency appointment time.

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