Tooth Mousse & Tooth Mousse Plus

I have been using tooth mousse in dental practice for over 10 years now and am still so very happy with the effectiveness of this product. I recommend it to many of my patients and have seen remarkable results.

Tooth mousse is a product used widely by dentists all over the world as a mineralising agent for teeth. It does have other uses, but is most commonly known for reducing decay in children and compromised patients, reducing sensitivity, lowering the pH in the mouth and in some cases, reversing white spot decays on teeth.

The active ingredient is CPP-ACP (trademarked as RECALDENTTM), a milk protein that facilitates available calcium and phosphate when released in the mouth. It also will attach to plaque, bacteria, biofilm, gums as well as your teeth. This calcium and phosphate are able to incorporate themselves into your natural tooth structure to harden teeth, hereby reducing the chance of decay, reducing sensitivity and in some cases reversing decay.

Uses for Tooth Mousse:

Tooth mousse can be used as a tooth paste, in an overnight tray or simply placed on affected area and left to absorb. It physically hardens the enamel and dentine of your teeth, hence making them more resistant to acid formed by bacteria, causing decay. It can be coupled with fluoride (Tooth Mousse Plus) giving it even more power to remineralise your teeth.