Splints & Mouthguards


Splints are a customized retainer made from thick acrylic plastic that you wear at night time while you sleep. Everyone clenches and grinds their teeth to some degree while they’re asleep. By wearing a splint, you are protecting your teeth, existing dental work, and relieving the stress on your jaw muscles. The way the splint protects your teeth is it provides a thick barrier between your upper and lower teeth. This barrier absorbs the forces normally felt by your teeth and jaw.


Mouthguards are a must when you play any form of contact sport. Mouthguards come in a range of colours to suite your preference. Mouthguards protect your teeth from serious damage. If you do not wear one, you run the risk of irreversible damage to your teeth, surrounding soft tissue, and potential tooth loss if the impact is severe enough. Children may require new mouthguards more regularly as their adult teeth present. Adults should replace their mouthguards at least every 5 years. It may be necessary to replace them more regularly for high intensity sports. We can even make them in your favorite footy colours!

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