What can I do about a missing tooth?

Teeth can be lost due to direct force and injury. If you are quick to preserve the tooth and get to a dentist, the tooth can often be saved. However, teeth lost to aging, poor dental hygiene or gum disease are not so easily recovered.

Don’t Lose Your Head Over Lost Teeth

On the bright side, if fate has dictated that you lose a tooth or two (or more) rest assured they can be replaced. Some may choose to wear an appliance such as a partial denture. However, you may find that appliances can be somewhat fragile, are easily lost, and need to be refitted periodically.

For that reason, more people have decided that dental implant technology is the best and most secure way to replace missing teeth.

An oral surgeon implants a small, stud-like screw into your jaw bone. Depending on your situation a temporary dental appliance can be worn for cosmetic purposes afterwards. When the gums have healed sufficiently, then a new ‘tooth’ made of a ceramic material is attached to the stud.

It’s like you never lost a tooth. Because implants aren’t appliances or a denture that you flip in and out, it’s hard to remember you had a dental problem at all.

You don’t have a screw loose

Dental implants are crafted to look just like the teeth nature gave you. and require no particular special care. Because they are permanent, you don’t have to soak them or take them out when you eat. Actually, only a dentist can remove implants which means they won’t easily be lost either. In the unlikely event, you damage your new ‘tooth’ another can be screwed on.

So, if the empty spaces in your mouth make you want to hide your face, contact your family dentist for more information about dental implants With a simple exam, they can help you determine if implant technology is right for you.